An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin

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My Work Law offers training and development programs that encompass all aspects of people management. Our training courses are designed to build in competencies that a workforce requires to achieve optimal productivity. Not only are these training courses focused on equipping management with the necessary tools to demonstrate creative problem solving abilities, but it also focusses on individuals who would like to grow in their self- knowledge of how to function within a specific work environment.

The courses are designed to prioritise group interactions by discussing interesting case-studies and real-life scenarios. This approach encourages group participation and the instant application of critical management skills. It also helps facilitators to assess the comprehension of certain skills and theoretical concepts.

My Work Law offers flexible options for the delivery of programs depending on the organisational requirements, amount of delegates and specific budgetary considerations. Clients with more than 5 delegates may opt to receive customised in-house programmes tailored to company requirements and deliverable at multiple company locations. An annual retainer option provides organisations the flexibility to choose when and where to send staff and management for training  while obtaining low and predictable costs.

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