Increased Staff Motivation

Our clients trust in our ability to manage their staff effectively

Increased Productivity

Our consulting approach promotes a healthy work environment which has a positive effect on a bottom-line

Staff Empowerment

Our clients benefit from our human resource training and knowledge to enable staff to achieve company goals

Win-win Situation

Our conflict resolution and mediation approach encourage mutually beneficial solutions for all

Peace of Mind

Our clients have full confidence that labour disputes will be resolved successfully

Large Amount of Costs Are Saved Due To the Effective Management of/by:

  • CCMA disputes
  • Trade Union involvement
  • Correct retrenchment procedures
  • Strikes and disputes
  • Discipline and staff performance
  • Compiling  Conditions of Employment and Procedures in accordance with legislation and operational requirements
  • Chairing of all  disciplinary enquires to ensure procedural and substantive fairness