My Work Law is a Human Resource and Labour Relations Consultancy helping businesses manage their employees effectively. Recent studies have found that South African businesses that have formal human resource strategies and procedures in place save up to 35 times more per employee than those without.

My Work Law, together with a network of specialised associates, provides the structure and procedures to retain, engage and manage talent. We provide the full spectrum of specialised and general human resource management and labour relations services. This includes Occupational Health and Safety, BEE, Employment Equity, Legal expertise and Training. Our Performance Management Systems as well as Disciplinary Codes and Procedures ensure that staff is highly productive with minimum incidents of misconduct or ill- discipline. Moreover our successful dealings with the CCMA and 20 years’ experience as human resource consultants give us the insight to help our clients resolve labour disputes effectively. As a result, we save our clients’ a lot of money and unnecessary headaches.